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At Peaceful Mind Therapy in Naples,  clients find themselves in a safe, secure and trusted environment to work through even the toughest conditions, situations and stressors holding you back from achieving a peaceful mind and full life.


Healing and Growth with an Individualized Plan

Our goal is to help people work through emotional and cognitive challenges by creating and implementing a personal individualized plan for success. Our scholarly training allows us to apply the traditional aspects of therapy, including behavioral therapy, cognitive therapy and talk therapy. We have become fully aware that people need more than just traditional therapy to heal and reach their goals. With this in mind, we have developed a unique focus on new and progressive holistic therapies that recognize and respect the integral correlation between mind, body, and spirit.


Specialized Techniques and Therapies

In striving to help people find peace in their lives, I’ve specialized in complementary and alternative therapeutic techniques such as Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness.  We also provide Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), helping people learn skills in emotional regulation, distress tolerance, interpersonal relationships and mindfulness.


Couples and Family Thearpies

At Peaceful Mind Therapy, Jane Simmons and Suzan Gallucci work with couples in relationship conflict using the Gottman Method - an evidence based practice proven to be effective in helping couples resolve stuck issues and learn real life tools to live a happier life together, We also provide family therapy to enhance motivation and support. 

Presentations and Skills Workshops

Over the past few years, we have shared these ideas and techniques with the community. Jane's presentation of “Address the Stress” is an interactive presentation teaching people about stress and anxiety while giving them tools to calm and reduce stress in their lives. It’s fun to see the smiles on everyone's faces as we blow bubbles or practice laughter yoga. Sometimes we learn breathing techniques for calming or use tapping to activate the relaxation response.

Qualified Supervisor Training is presented by Jane Simmons to experienced therapists who have been counseling for 5 years or more.  Contact Jane or check out or webpage for more information


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Anxiety & Stress Management

Social Anxiety

DBT Skills 

Pets & Therapy 

Couples Counseling



Convenient, online scheduling to help you make an appointment and stay on track with your therapy goals. 

©2020  Peaceful Mind Therapy of Florida - 1185 Immokalee Road, Suite 220  |  Naples, FL 34110 (239) 302-7801

Peaceful Mind Therapy of Florida - 1185 Immokalee Road, Suite 220 - Naples, FL 34110 (239) 302-7801

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